Southern Ledgestone Stone Profile

Introduction to Southern Ledgestone

Perhaps one of the most outstanding stone profiles we have yet designed, Southern Ledgestone was created to bridge both the rustic and modern aesthetics.

The textures encompass the wide range of rock types found within the Schist and Shale variations so commonly used by the early settlers, but with a slightly modern approach in laying styles to give a tighter stacked-stone look.

This ledgestone incorporates a wide variety of sizes and textures from 100 to 450mm long and up to 40mm thick on some stones.

Southern Ledgestone Profile in a Queenstown Grey Colouring


Southern Ledgestone Colours

The Southern Ledgestone Stone Profile comes in a number of colour options. Below is the list of options available

Southern Ledgestone - Tarras Sample
Southern Ledgestone Tarras.

Our Southern Ledgestone Tarras colour is made up of the soft fawns, golds, and rust highlights of Central Otago, with a small amount of grey. It presents an overall warm tone that when it is incorporated with your design, can give a strong contrast or a subtle blend.

Southern Ledgestone - Wanaka Blend Sample
Southern Ledgestone Wanaka Blend.

This Southern Ledgestone Wanaka Blend colour has been created to be very versatile. It has both cool and warm tones, which enable the colour to be used with multiple applications in variable design settings.

Southern Ledgestone - Queenstown Grey Sample
Southern Ledgestone Queenstown Grey.

For those preferring a grey-based colour option, Southern Ledgestone Queenstown Grey is the perfect choice.  With a base shade of mid-grey and a subtle dark rust vein running across the stone, the result is an attractive cool tone that will complement any contemporary design.