Mountain Shale Stone Profile

Introduction to Mountain Shale

The Mountain Shale stone profile brings together all the qualities of its natural mountain stone counterpart: rugged and gnarly textures with deep undulations, sharp edges with irregular shapes; an overall deeper profile with strong character.

The shapes in this profile have a lineal orientation with an average thickness of 45mm.

Mountain Shale Stone Profile in Queenstown Grey and Central Brown Blend Colouring


Mountain Shale Colours

The Mountain Shale Stone Profile comes in a number of colour options. Below is the list of options available

Mountain Shale - Tarras Sample
Mountain Shale Tarras.

Our Mountain Shale Tarras colour is made up of the soft fawns, golds, and rust highlights of Central Otago, with a small amount of grey. It presents an overall warm tone that when it is incorporated with your design, can give a strong contrast or a subtle blend.

Mountain Shale - Grey Rust Sample
Mountain Shale Grey Rust.

Mountain Shale Grey Rust is a grey-based shade with each stone randomly coloured in a vibrant rust colour. This produces a striking contrast which suits a rustic natural look.

Mountain Shale - Central Brown Sample
Mountain Shale Central Brown.

With its dark brown and reddish tones Mountain Shale Central Brown is often used to create a strong contrast when placed against neutral colours on a project. This unique colour reflects the dark earth and rock tones of Central Otago, and is often used by our clients to compliment natural wood tones.

Mountain Shale - Wanaka Blend Sample
Mountain Shale Wanaka Blend.

This Mountain Shale Wanaka Blend colour has been created to be very versatile. It has both cool and warm tones, which enable the colour to be used with multiple applications in variable design settings.