Classic Hearths

Until now, the only options for a single-slab fire hearth have been either a costly natural stone slab or a common-place multiple tile look.

Our Glass Fibre hi-tech concrete fire hearths give you the best of both worlds – strikingly authentic and distinctly unique!

Such is the strength of our hearths that they only need to be 20mm thick, which makes for an easy and cost-effective installation.

A wonderful feature for your new home build or for your renovation project.

Please view our Classic Hearths brochure for more information.

Design Your Own

Classic Hearths are endlessly customisable; we are here to help you work through all your design considerations.

Below are some examples from the various ranges we’ve created. Click the images below to view more details.


Let us know the size you need, and we can produce it to your specifications with a tolerance of +/- 2mm (maximum size is 2.4m x 1.4m, and this size requires a minimum thickness of 30mm).

Things to cover in detail:

  • Firstly, fire hearths must comply with your local council’s fireplace regulations.
  • Next, fire hearths must comply with the minimum specifications of your fire supplier (distance from the wall, distance from the edge of the unit etc.)
  • Take into consideration your personal requirements. What size will complement the room? Do you need room on the hearth for storage of wood?
  • Talk over your ideas with our team, and consider any additional suggestions.
  • Confirm with your council that they are happy with the design chosen, and that it meets all their legal consent requirements.
  • When all the above completed, place your order with us.


Ask us about creating your own custom shape – it might be for placement of wood/boxes/baskets, or to add a special feature-look to your living areas. We can even customise the angles on the front of your hearth.

Things to consider:

  • The addition of rounded or angled corners in the front of your fire hearth can add to the visual effect, and overall function.
  • Talk with us about standard corner features available, or have us design a custom design specifically for you.
  • When using corners, please check that the design has not compromised the legal consent requirements.

Texture and Colourings

Our ability to take natural textures like NZ West Coast schist and manipulate them in to custom textures is second-to-none. Or perhaps you prefer the lovely old charm of oak planks? We love to work with creative people who have a concept they wish to turn into a reality. Every hearth presents its own unique patina, and natural colour variation.

Standard textures and colourings include:

  • Tussock Country: influenced by our undulating Central South Island grasslands, is a schist-textured hearth option hand-moulded from the golds, soft fawns, and rust highlights, blended with small amounts of light and dark greys. This presents as an overall warm golden tone, that when incorporated with your design, can give a strong contrast, or a subtle blend.
  • Gold Fields: influenced by the long-standing gold mining history of New Zealand; is a deep grey with bright highlights in a schist texture. It has both cool and warm tones, so is able to be used with multiple applications in variable design settings.
  • Gates of Haast: influenced by the dynamic rocks and rugged scenery of our unique Haast Pass in Westland; is a cool blue-grey base with vibrant rust and quartz variations running through the schist texture. This produces a striking contrast which suits a rustic, natural look.
  • Midnight Sky: influenced by the world-acclaimed National Park night sky over Lake Tekapo; is a dark grey/black colouring in a schist texture, that gives you a striking, bold contemporary look.
  • Rustic Oak: is all the textures and features that you would normally associate with a rustic wood appearance – timber grain, saw cuts, nail holes; yet it is made from highly durable concrete! It won’t burn, is incredibly easy to maintain, and will be a talking point in your home, business or cabin for years.
  • Silver Beech is a hearth range inspired from the sun-bleached, sea-blown timbers of our rugged West Coast silver beech trees. We combine the cool greys and subtle browns of our native wood into these hearths, so you can bring this unique New Zealand feature right into your home.

Got Questions? Please check out our Classic Hearths Frequently Asked Questions page for common questions, or contact us for more information.

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