Classic Hearths Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Hearths Frequently Asked Questions

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What is GFRC?

Glass fibre reinforced concrete or GFRC is a form of concrete that contains high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fibre, which increases the concrete’s structural integrity. GFRC slabs can therefore be manufactured many times thinner than traditional concrete, and will weigh substantially less because of their reduced thickness.

Such is the strength of our hearths that they only need to be 20mm thick, which makes for an easy and cost-effective installation.

What textures are available?

We have a range of textures to choose from, including slate from natural stone, and timber floorboards. Do you have something special you’d like to make a moulding of? We can help!

NZ Stone Textures

We have taken stone textures straight from stone found in the rugged Landsborough Valley, on the West Coast of the South Island. These textures are then carefully transferred onto every fire hearth, bringing some of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery right into your home.

Wood texture

Our wood textures are moulded from aged and weathered timber, which creates an authentic rustic effect. Each individual plank is given its own unique colour variation by our skilled concrete artisans.

What colourings are available?

We have based our fire hearth colourings on our stone veneer profiles, so that they compliment each other. Talk to us about colours – we have years of experience! You may be surprised at what can be achieved!

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