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Introduction to Southern Alps MasterFit

Our Southern Alps profile is similar in appearance to our Southern Ledgestone profile, but with two unique differences; the addition of some larger feature stones and MasterFit system.
The MasterFit system, developed by Classic Stone enables the installer to very quickly install stone without any loss of quality or authenticity which in turn means considerable savings for our clients.

Southern Alps MasterFit Stone Profile in a Wanaka Blend Colouring


Southern Alps MasterFit Colours

The Southern Alps MasterFit Profile comes in a number of colour options. Below is the list of options available

Masterfit Tarras
Southern Alps Masterfit Tarras.

The Southern Alps Masterfit Tarras colour is made up of soft fawns, gold, rust highlights and a small percentage of grey. It presents an overall warm tone which can be used as a strong contrast or as a subtle blend when incorporated with other colours that may appear on a home/building.

Southern Alps Masterfit - Wanaka Blend Sample
Southern Alps Masterfit Wanaka Blend.

This Southern Alps Masterfit Wanaka Blend colour has been created to be very versatile. It has both cool and warm tones, which enable the colour to be used with multiple applications in variable design settings.