Classic Hearths

Classic Hearths is something we have been thinking about doing for a long time, and now with our advances in technology we are able to create a truly stunning product that we are proud of.  Our experience with stone veneer especially in regards to textures and colours, has led us to the natural progression of creating a large format product such as these fire hearths.

Texture x3 colours

What makes Classic Hearths unique?

Single-Slab Fire Hearths


Over the years many of our clients have enquired about having a single-slab fire hearth – and now they can!

Up till now the only options have been either a costly natural stone slab, or a common-place multiple tile look.

Our single-slab fire hearths give you the best of both worlds – strikingly authentic and distinctly unique.

Custom Sizing – Made to Order


Let us know the size you are after, and we can produce it to your specifications (up to 2.1m x 1.1m).

If you are wanting cutaway edges on the front of your hearth, we can customise the angles for your specific need.

We have based our fire hearth colours on our stone veneer profiles so they compliment each other.  Talk to us about colours – we have years of experience!  You may be surprised in what can be achieved!

Ask us about creating your own custom shape – it might be for placement of wood/boxes/baskets, or to add a special feature look to your living areas.

Textures from a piece of New Zealand


We have moulded textures straight from stone found in the rugged Landsborough Valley, on the West Coast of the South Island.  These textures are then carefully transferred onto every fire hearth, bringing some of New Zealand’s beautiful scenery right into your home.

New Technology


Our fire hearths have not only been created for their appearance, but also for their strength.

Using the latest in concrete technology, such as glass fiber and high performing chemicals, we are able to manufacture a high density and high MPA product, making them very strong and durable.  Such is the strength of the hearths that they only need to be 20mm thick, which makes for an easy and cost-effective installation.

This fire hearth is 1900 x 600mm based on our Grey Rust Colouring
This fire hearth is (size mm) based on our Tarras Colouring
midnight sky hearth - no fire
This fire hearth is (size mm) based on our Grey Rust Colouring
Wanaka Blend1


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Classic Hearths are also available for viewing at our showroom in Timaru